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What is the Youth Guarantee?

The objective of the youth guarantee is to help young people gain access to education and employment. Successful execution of the youth guarantee requires cooperation among national and municipal authorities, the business sector and organisations.

Methods of implementing the guarantee include measures related to the educational guarantee, the skills programme for young adults, employment and economic development services for youth (PES) and rehabilitation services, including municipal social and health care services and other individual services for young people, such as youth outreach work and youth workshop activities.

One of the principles of the youth guarantee is that young people are heard and allowed to influence the course of their life. The youth guarantee supports growth, emancipation and life management of young people.

The objective of the youth guarantee is to support young people in gain in a place in education and employment, to prevent prolonged youth unemployment, to identify factors contributing to the risk of social exclusion and to offer support at an early stage, in order to prevent social exclusion and marginalisation of young people.

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